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[edit] Character Information

Hometown: Carlsbad, CA
Age: 33
Sex: Male
Height: 6 ft. 2 in.
Weight: --
Trick Style: Vert
Stance: Goofy
Push Style: Never Mongo

[edit] Base Stats

The base stats as displayed when you play with this character for the first time.

Stat Name Stat Points
Air 7
Hangtime 5
Ollie 3
Speed 5
Spin 8
Switch 4
Rail Balance 5
Lip Balance 5
Manual Balance 3

[edit] Stat Point and Deck collection

NOTE: For all intents and purposes, the direction you are facing when you start the level will be taken as NORTH. All other directions are to be taken from this point. The description of each stat point and deck starts as if you are starting the level.

[edit] Foundry

[edit] Stat Points

  • On the eastern arm of the yellow catwalk. To get there, air off the small ramp to the right of where you start, and either land in a grind, or simply land on the catwalk itself.
  • Roll down the hill in front of you as you start. Land in the half-pipe, face west and look up. The stat point is on the southern side of the HP. Simply air out of the HP to nab it.
  • Roll down the western hill and continue until you reach a small raised walkway next to a narrow quarter-pipe. Turn east and stop just as you pass the second walkway. Turn north again. You should see a narrow gap between the walkway and a workstation manned by two workers. The stat point is halfway down this gap.
  • Make your way to the northern end of the level. The stat point is just above and to the left of the 'Molten Operation' room. Air out of the QP to get it.
  • The last stat point is the most difficult to get for this level. It can be located on top of an air duct on the east side of the room. It is at one of the highest points in the level. To reach it, make your way to the northern end of the level, filling your special meter along the way. Air up the QP on the lower floor, and grind the edge of the ledge above. Jump out of the grind landing on the ledge. Make your way east along this ledge, and you will see to your right that there is an overhang. Make your way up to this overhang by airing out of the QP next to you for speed, the ollieing up to it using the small kink at the edge of the ledge. Once you're on the overhang, keep your speed up and grind the eastern (left; you should be facing north) edge of it, and using the kink at the end, ollie left into a grind on the air duct and obtain the stat point.

[edit] Deck

  • As soon as you start the level, stop and turn east. The deck is floating above and half way along the southern QP you should see to your right.

[edit] Canada

[edit] Stat Points

  • Ollie over the small chain link fence to your right and continue north. The stat point is above the southern end of the bowl in front of you. Air out of the bowl to get it.
  • Skate down the road, and follow it as it turns east. The stat point is between the two western rails in the middle of the road. Just jump into it to get it.
  • As soon as you can, stop and turn to the south-west. Skate through the gap between the rail fence and the QP you started on. To the south you will see a small wooden bridge made out of logs. The stat point can be found in the middle of the center log. To get it, grind the center log.
  • Go back to the small bridge mentioned above, but this time land in the water. When you respawn, follow the boardwalk to the east then north-east, and when it ends, drop down to the ground. You will see the stat point floating above the QP in front of you. Air out of the QP to get it.
  • Jump over the chain link fence to your right and continue east-south-east. The stat point is in a corner of the skate park, next to a rail. Simply skate through the stat point to get it.

[edit] Deck

  • Halfway down the road, there should be on the left a small QP and a banner above it displaying the Canadian flag. Air out of the QP to get the deck.

[edit] Rio

[edit] Stat Points

  • As soon as you can, immediately turn around, facing north. The stat point is above the QP at the top of the wooden ramp. Air out of the QP to get it.
  • Roll down the hill until you reach a tunnel flanked by two QPs. Before you go through, skate east and you should see the stat point floating above a roll-in. Air out of either QP next to the roll-in to get it. Alternatively, skate up the roll-in, turn around, and Boneless (Up + Up + Jump) to reach the point.
  • Roll down the hill and continue in a straight line. After going through the tunnel, up a roll-in, and through another, smaller tunnel, you will reach a QP. Air straight up this QP to get the stat point.
  • As soon as you can, stop. This should be just after you roll down the wooden ramp you start on. Turn west and roll down this ramp. As you roll down, you should see a planter to your left. The stat point is floating above this planter. To get it, simply use the kinked edge of the planter to pop into the air.
  • Stop after you roll down the wooden ramp and turn west. Skate down the ramp and continue north-west. You should see a QP with a "Quiksilver" sign above it. To the north of this QP will be a small bus shelter with a roof kinked at both ends. Use the banked brick base of the shelter to ollie into a grind on the western edge of the roof. Ollie of the kinked northern edge into a grind on the telephone wires and grab the stat point.

[edit] Deck

  • Make your way to the road on the west side of the level. Halfway along the road should be an alley between two buildings, housing a shabby, wooden fence. Skate through this fence to bust your way into a hidden area. The deck is floating above the western edge of the pool you see here. Air out of the pool to get the deck.

[edit] Suburbia

[edit] Stat Points

  • Drop to the ground and head west around the mansion fence towards the boundary of the level. You should see the stat point floating above the stone ledge. Grind the ledge from the mansion and ollie off it to get the stat point.
  • Skate north-west, towards a telephone pole. You should see the stat point above, on the wires heading north-west. Follow these wires to the fence. Get special, and hit the QP at such an angle that you land in a grind on those wires. DO NOT air out of the QP at a 90 degree angle, or else you will merely perform a lip trick on the wires. Once you have a grind going, hold the grind an you will eventually grind down the wires towards the pole and obtain the point.
  • Head north-east towards a pink colored house. Above the small roof over the front door lies the stat point. The walls on either side of this small roof act as QPs. Use one of the QPs to air up and OVER (by holding Up as you air out) the roof to nab the point.
  • Skate to the east and you will see a construction site. On the eastern side of the site, you will see the stat point at the end of a wooden beam. Use the QP on the easter side of the site to grind the wooden beam to obtain the stat point.
  • To get this stat point you must have completed the goal "Help the Thin Man". When the boards are broken, skate through the hallway until you reach a QP. Air up and to the right of this QP to get the stat point, which is floating above a small wall separating the main level to the backyard of the mansion.

[edit] Deck

  • Skate towards the southern side of the pink house (east). As you approach, you should see the deck floating above the end of the western side of the wall. To get it, wallride the wall on the southern side, towards the west, and grind the top of the wall to the end.

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