Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3:Foundry


[edit] Overview

The foundry is the first level on Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3. It is set in a steelworks foundry and is a novice level. It is open from the very beginning, requiring no prerequisites, and precedes the level Canada.

[edit] Goals

  1. High Score
  2. Pro Score
  3. Sick Score
  4. Find The Secret Tape
  5. Grind The Molten Bucket
  6. Soak The Foreman
  7. Cannonball Over The Half Pipe/ 50-50 TCs Rail
  8. Un-Jam 5 Valves
  9. Collect S-K-A-T-E

[edit] Walkthrough

[edit] High Score

10,000 Points: Basically all that is required for this is a few Vert tricks with Revert + Manual in between, or you can Grind around the back of the level (the back being opposite of where you started).

[edit] Pro Score

30,000 Points: For this it is better to Grind around the back of the level again, you can use a few Vert tricks if you are good at them.

[edit] Sick Score

60,000 Points: For this you will probably need to do a bit of a Combo here. From the start go down the left slope then Grind up the rail near the side, jump or Manual to the Quarter-pipe, Grind around that, or you could do Vert tricks in the Half-Pipe if you're quite good at them. This Sick score is naturally the easiest to get, being on the first level.

[edit] Find The Secret Tape

At the start instead of going down the slope, go up the ramp, jump off the end and land on the catwalk. Go to the far end of the catwalk, careful not to jump, then go onto the platform. Jump through the center of the glass on the right and Grind across the girder, you will collect it. This may take a few attempts.

[edit] Soak The Foreman

Go up to the big pool of water, and you will see the foreman. Get to him, its a bit tricky, then simply grind the rail behind him.

[edit] 50-50 TC's Rail (Street)

Go down the slope at the start, in the middle is TC's Rail. To do a 50-50 grind head up the the rail, jump and press Triangle to Grind, for the default setting no direction required.

[edit] Cannonball Over The Half-Pipe (vert)

Go down the slope at the start, pick up pace then head towards the Half-Pipe, you can use the Quarter-Pipes on the walls near it to pick up more pace. When you are going quite fast head perpendicular to the lip, hold X then release as you reach the lip and press the Circle and Right button to perform a Cannonball. If you don't make it over then try again.

[edit] Un-Jam 5 Valves

Head down the left slope at the start then follow the walls and you should find all 5 valves, to unjam them jump near the wall and press Triangle. Once all 5 are unjammed you unlock another part of the Foundry.

[edit] Collect S-K-A-T-E

S-K-A-T-E One

(Bucky Lasek, Kareem Campbell, Chad Muska, Elissa Streamer Create-A-Skater, Ollie The Magic Bum, Wolverine, Neversoft Eyeball.)

  • S: Over the Half-Pipe, jump to get to it.
  • K: On the block near the compressor.
  • A: Go to the molten pit and jump over it, the A is in the middle.
  • T: Grind along the left wall rails.
  • E: Above the left quarter-pipe at the start.

S-K-A-T-E Two

(Rodney Mullen, Geoff Rowley, Steve Caballero, Eric Koston, Demoness, Kelly Slater, Private Carrera.)

  • S: Near the pool, go up the quarter-pipe to get to it.
  • K: Go down the slope at the start, head right, go up the quarter-pipe.
  • A: On the roof, at the covered section Grind the side to get to it.
  • T: Grind the curved rail at the back of the level.
  • E: Go up the quarter-pipe to the right of the molten pit.

S-K-A-T-E Three

(Tony Hawk, Bam Margera, Rune Glifberg, Jamie Thomas, Andrew Reynolds, Darth Maul, Officer Dick.)

  • S: Above a small quarter-pipe on the left just after the Half-Pipe.
  • K: The quarter-pipes near the slopes at the start.
  • A: Grind the center block in the foundry.
  • T: Grind the curved rail at the back of the foundry.
  • E: Go to the molten pit, turn around, go up the small quarter-pipe on the right

[edit] Secret Areas

To access the secret area in this level then do the objective un-jam 5 valves, then go up to the top where you started, in the middle there is an area you can access that is like a large spiral.

[edit] Combo Areas

  • The long Half-Pipe that is down the slope from the start is good for vert combos.
  • Grind ledges and rails on the sides of the middle of the level that allow you to access the rails at the back of the level in the same combo, go around these rails.

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