Tony Hawk's Pro Skater

Tony Hawk's Pro Skater
THPS PSXboxart.jpg North American PSX boxart
Release DatesNA: Sept. 30, 1999
PerspectiveThird Person


[edit] Background

Tony Hawk's Pro Skater is a skateboarding simulation in which you control a famous skate star around 3d environments. Each game area contains a plethora of objects like ramps, rails, and half-pipes which can be used to perform tricks. Each trick you perform earns you more points for your score.

[edit] History

This is the first game to be released in the series, in Europe it was "Tony Hawk's Skateboarding", in the US it was "Tony Hawk's Pro Skater", often abbreviated to THPS, or THPS1. It was originally made for the Playstation, but as it's huge success on the console proved true, it was ported to the N64 in 2000, with the Sega Dreamcast port in the same year, and later ported to Nokia's N-Gage in 2003. It also saw a Gameboy Color release around 1999/2000.

[edit] Pro Skaters

[edit] Gameplay

The game is divided into two types of levels. In the first, you skate around locations like a mall, a city street, or a warehouse. In each of these areas, there are 5 goals for the you to complete. Some goals involve obtaining a high score, others smashing objects, and some collecting objects. For every goal you complete, you earn a video tape. By collecting enough video tapes, you unlock levels and skateboards for you to use. There are 6 levels like this. The second type of level is a competition. You get to make 3 timed runs through a skate park, and attempt to get the highest score possible. If you do well enough, you will beat the scores of the computer controlled skaters and win a medal. There are 3 levels like this.

There are nine real life pro skaters you can choose to play as, including Tony Hawk himself. Each skater has their own signature moves that earn you big points if pulled off successfully.

[edit] Features

- Skaters: Choose from a variety of talented skaters such as Tony Hawk or Bob Burnquist. Each skater has their own unique style of skating and signature tricks that they perform in real-life.

- Arenas: You can trick it up at plenty of places that were modeled from real-life skating areas. Tear it up at the Downhill Jam in Phoenix or get huge air at the Warehouse.

- Career Mode: Select a specific skater to complete the Career mode with. You'll have to complete certain tasks required to pass to the next area such as getting a certain amount of points or collecting secret video tapes. Your skater also gains more experience as you progress through the Career Mode.

- Extras: By completing tasks in Career Mode, you can unlock extras. These include videos of the professional skaters performing awesome tricks and more. It's up to you to collect them all.

- 2 Players: Get a friend to come and skate along with you in a number of game modes, including Horse, where one player does a trick and the other player must equal it or get higher points, and Tag, where players must perform tricks off of certain areas to get it as a "tag".

[edit] Soundtrack

Aim - "Ain't Got Time to Waste"

Aquasky - "Blue Thunder" 

Dead Kennedys - "Police Truck" 

The Ernies - "Here & Now" 

Evenrude - "Vilified" 

Goldfinger - "Superman" 

Primus - "Jerry Was a Race Car Driver" 

Speedealer - "Screamer" 

Speedealer - "Nothing to Me"

Suicidal Tendencies - "Cyco Vision" 

The Suicide Machines - "New Girl" 

Unsane - "Committed" 

The Vandals - "Euro Barge"

The Vandals - "Change My Pants"

Grand Unified - "Le hot"

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