The game modes to choose from.

[edit] Single-Player Modes

[edit] Career Mode

You're a pro skater now, and pros compete for cash money. You've got to prove your worth at local spots and start building career earnings. Use this cash to buy new equipment, unlock levels, buy tricks, increase stats and get into elite competitions.

[edit] Single Sessions

Choose a single level and skate all out in a two-minute session in an effort to set high scores. Only one level is opened at first, The Hangar n Mullet Falls, Montanaa. Build your earnings in the Career Mode to unlock the other levels.

[edit] Free Skate

For some it's practice. For others it's life. Choose a level and skate as long as you like. Hit the obstacles over and over again until your tricks are ready for competition. Unlock other levels in the Career Mode then Free Skate them to learn the terrain.

[edit] Two-Player Modes

[edit] Graffiti

Set your own time limit then push the limits in a split-screen race to see who can nail the most tricks. Obstacles are tagged with your color by tricking off them. Try to steal your friend's tags by pulling better tricks off the same object. He or she who tags the most objects wins.

[edit] Trick Attack

A total free-for-all to see who can skate the best lines and rack up the most points. You can run into opponents and rub their little faces into the terrain, and this time you can Trick Attack longer with the game's new variable time limits.

Horse- How do you spell defeat? "H.O.R.S.E." in this one-on-one best trick contest. Nail a trick, then watch as your opponent tries to beat it. Your opponent must match or beat your score. If not, he or she gets a letter. First one to get all the letters tastes defeat.

[edit] Tag

You don't want to be "it" in this game where you tag other players. When you are, you have to bust tricks to gradually cripple your opponent's stats until he or she is a sitting duck. When "it", you're on the timer. If the timer hits zero, you lose.

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