The game modes that can be accessed from the main menu.


[edit] Multi-player

When choosing the 2 Players from the main menu, you will and a friend will choose a skater and a level, and then a game type.

[edit] Graffiti

A split screen race to see who can hit more tricks in the environment. "Tag" obstacles with your color by tricking off of them. Steal your opponent's obstacles back with a bigger trick. Whoever tags the most objects in the two-minute session, wins. Tag pipe and pool lips by tricking on them from inside the ramp or pool.

[edit] Trick Attack

It's a two-minute free-for-all to see who can skate the best line and rack up the most points. Try introducing your opponent's face to the concrete by running into them.

[edit] HORSE

It's a one-on-one best trick contest. Bust a single trick, then watch as your opponent tries to beat your score at the same spot. If he or she matches your score, play passes back and forth until somebody bails. Whoever slams gets a letter---first player branded with all letters, loses.

[edit] Career Mode

As a pro skater you've got to hit the local spots and try to get your best sessions on videotape. Collect videotapes by attaining the goals shown on the loading screen. These tapes will unlock levels, equipment, and competition invites as the game progresses.

[edit] Single Session

Choose a single level and skate an all out two-minute session in an effort to set new high scores. Only one level will be unlocked at first. You need to unlock the rest of the levels in career mode.

[edit] Free Skate

No time limits, no high scores, no cops, no pressure. Choose a single level and skate as long as you like. Work the obstacles over and over again until your tricks are tight. Only one level will be unlocked at first. You need to unlock the rest of the levels in Career mode.

[edit] Options

Choose this to go to the Options Menu. Once there, you can adjust certain options. Player's controls, sound levels, trick tips on/off, score display on/off, and to load previously saved data.

[edit] View Videos

Select this option to load a previously saved replay from a memory card or to view the videos that you've unlocked in the game. From this menu you can also see the game and music credits.

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