The levels to choose from in Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2.


[edit] The Hangar, Mullet Falls, Montana

Welcome to the land of big sky, sick air, and bad hair. Perfect your basic skating skills and some new tricks in this abandoned Montana hangar filled with huge rails, large halfpipes, kickers, funboxes and rusted-out WWII plane and helicopter.

[edit] School 2: Southern California

Why do so many pros relocate to California? For the schools of course...or at least for their fine rails, stairs and lines. This level features the best SoCal education system has to offer, all in one campus. If you've watched a skate video, you'll recognize most of these prime learning facilities.

[edit] Contest 1: Marseille, France

Invade France in this level featuring a triple-bowl area, a middle section of flowing banks and canals, and a flatland section on the backside that can be used as an additional street course. Bring your best tricks, combos and air to this contest_and never surrender.

[edit] The Big Apple: New York City, New York

The big city equals big terrain, air, gaps, and trouble. The hottest street skating spots in NYC are here. There are long curbs, obnoxious taxi drivers and even a subway. Ride through Ccentral Park, hang out at Brooklyn Banks, and bring your own brand of mayhem to Manhattan.

[edit] The Graffiti Pits: Venice Beach, California

Resting in peace, The Pits was one of the most popular skate sites of its time. In this level, the original lines and graffiti have been recreated. Ledges, rails, quaterpipes and the occasional friendly bum make The Pits the place to perfect your more advanced tricks.

[edit] Contest 2: Skatestreet: Ventura, California

Ask and ye shall receive--receive the original SkateStreet Park. Heavily requested by the fans, SkateStreet features sweet masonite curves and varied surfaces. Carve up the rails, half-pipes and slopes as you try to build your career earnings.

[edit] Phillyside: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

The City of Brotherly Love brings you, arguably, the two most famous East Coast skate spots, Love and FDR Parks. Bring your best game to the streets of this huge level as you ollie benches and kick-flip huge stairs. But Phillyside isn't just street. A large vert waits to test your all-around skills.

[edit] Contest 3: The Bullring, Mexico

In a semi-abandoned bullring, in a secret spot in Mexico, the world's best skaters perform moves illegal in most countries. Judges watch as you shred quarterpipes, rails, kickers and a beautiful half-pipe with a distinctive full-loop on its end. Did we mention the raging bull?

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