The playable levels in the game.


[edit] Warehouse

Woodland Hills-Practice up in an abandoned warehouse full of ramps, pipes, rails, and gaps. This is the best place to get the basics down before rippin' it up in the rest of the game.

[edit] School

Miami-Dumpsters, lunch tables, and long rails.....paradies can be found in this deserted school. And don't forget to carve up the pools for some huge air and sweet transfers. Anybody for a game of hoops in the gym?

[edit] Mall: New York

Take a little after-hours stroll though the indoor/outdoor mall. This place is filled with huge stair sets and escalators just begging to be cleared. Check out the upper level for some killer gaps!

[edit] Contest 1: Skate Park, Chicago

You've got three runs to take it out on all of the other pro skaters in the "Windy City Slam" contest. Five judges will score each run basies on variety, difficulty, and style. When all is said and done, the top three finishers will receive shiny new medals to wear around their necks.

[edit] Downtown

Minneapolis-Dodge traffic and air it out ove the fountain in the center court. This is a nice wide-open scene with lots of kicker ramps and fire escapes that make for some insane grind combos. And who said you have to stick to the streets? Rip up everything in sight and try to make it to the roof tops for some serious gaps.

[edit] Downhill Jam

Phoenix-Speed, Air, Speed, Air, Speed, Air. Get the picture? This crazy downhill run, set in a river gorge, is the place to be if you're looking for over-the-top speed and air. Grab the high rails and paths overhead for the scores that'll have even the big boys scratchin' their heads. Did we mention speed and air?

[edit] Contest 2: Burnside, Portland

This is the final contest before you make your way to the skate mecca that is Sna Francisco. The rules are the same as the first contest. Five judges, three runs, ten competitors, three medals. This familiar spot under an Oregon bridge has some killer lines that make for huge points, so get creative and bust out the combos that'll get you the gold.

[edit] Streets: San Francisco

Skaters will recognize spots like Hubba Hideout and EMB while tourists can stick to Lombard Street and Chinatown. Grind anything and everything and be sure to hit the long rails and tons of gaps along the way. Only the best can tear it up enough to get a final mystery invitation to an enigmatic, not so far off land.

[edit] Contest 3: Roswell-New Mexico

Have you seen him? Yup...and if you thought that thing was cool ten years ago, you ain't seen nothin' yet! In this final competition, the same rules apply, but the environment is completely new. A top secret, extra terrestrial crash sight, Roswell features a vert and street-skating dream park!

This is the world's scariest level

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