Help:Categorizing Pages

Categorization of articles is MOST important, especially with games like this which include lots of topics, sub-topics, and sub-sub topics. Please follow these guidelines when creating or editing a page.

[edit] Categories

The main purpose of categories is to show what belongs to what. By looking at a category page, you'll be sure to find whatever it is you're looking for, so long as it relates to the game, the page exists, and the page is categorized properly.

It is a simple enough concept. Think of a category as a parent. The parent has many children. The children are the articles that relate to the category. Got that? Simple. The articles are all different, yet they all come under the same heading, just like children and parents. Unless they're adopted. Lets not go there..

For example, this Wiki has the page Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3:Foundry, and the page Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3:Canada. They are both articles regarding different topics, yet they are related, because they come from the same game, Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3. In this sense, the category would be Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3, and the two pages would be child articles.

To link the articles together, we use a nice simple bit of code, and that is as follows:

[[Category:CATEGORY NAME]]
where CATEGORY NAME is the name of the parent category.

So to make the Foundry page and the Canada page children of the THPS3 category, we just add the code to their pages, using the edit option. The code can be placed anywhere on the page, but to make things easier for others, make sure the code is placed right up the top.

[edit] Sub-categories

Sub-categories work in much the same way normal categories do. In fact, they work exactly the same, they just imply a different meaning. Using the same family analogy, take the overall category to be the grandparent, the sub-category to be the parent, and the articles to be the children. A grandparent can have many children which grow up to be parents (but in this case they become parents instantly), and those parents can have many children. Similarly, an overall category can have many sub-categories, with those sub-categories each having a number of articles. Got it? Good.

When creating sub-categories, all you need to do is go the sub-category page, go to the edit option, and add the code shown above. Also, you must add all the articles under that sub-category to the overall category as well. Time for an example, I think.

Using the THPS3 category again, we'll turn this into a sub-category coming under the heading Main Series. To do this, we simply go to the category page for THPS3, and add the code
[[Category:Main Series]]

Also we must remember to add that same line of code to the Foundry and Canada pages, to ensure that everything is related.

And that about sums it up. It is VERY important to categorize things here, as people will get lost, and it's much easier to organize things better. Please be wary when you create a new page.