[edit] Lip Tricks

[edit] Lip Extras

Axle Stall - Grab Grab
BS Boneless - Grab, Flip
Disaster - Flip, Flip
Rock to Fakie - Flip, Grab
FS Noseblunt - Grind, Grind
FS Nosepick - Grind, Flip
Blunt to Fakie - Grind, Grab

[edit] Invert Tricks

Gymnast Plant - Grab Grab
Varial Invert to Fakie - Grab, Flip
One Foot Invert - Flip, Flip
Eggplant - Flip, Grab
Invert - Grind, Grind
Andrecht Invert - Grind, Grab

[edit] Andrecht Tricks

The Switcheroo - Grind, Grind

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