New Jersey

New Jersey is the first level in Tony Hawk's Underground.


[edit] Gaps

  • On The Pipe Again
  • Factory Rail Lip
  • Hidden Factory Lip
  • Hotfoot!
  • Low House Lip
  • On The High Wire
  • Rail2Rail
  • Barrier
  • Bench Hop
  • Clinic Hop
  • Crazy Train Spine
  • Grind Hop Over Sewer
  • High House Lip
  • Low House Shuffle
  • On The Gutter
  • Playground Spine
  • Spine Over Sewer
  • Tombstone
  • Tri-Level Transfer
  • Vert Over Sewer
  • Get Around To It
  • Spining Down The House
  • Arson Investigation
  • Conditioned Response
  • Crooked Factory Spine
  • Ridin' High On The Hog
  • Train Transfer 1 Of 4
  • Train Transfer 2 Of 4
  • Train Transfer 3 Of 4
  • Train Transfer 4 Of 4
  • Transferring The House
  • Raised The Roof
  • Cleared The Bridge
  • You Earned That $5

[edit] Secrets

[edit] Secret Tape

The Secret Tape in New Jersey is located underneath the green bridge. Approach the bridge from the residential side and go down the hill on the left. Carefully walk across the concrete ledge near the river and pick up the Tape.

[edit] Old Skool Level

Air up to the roof of the train station and stop and face the back end of the area. Grind onto the fence leading torwards the hospital and transfer the grind to the ledge high on the wall to the right. Hold the grind over the tunnel and pick up the Old Skool Level, School 2, from Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2.

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